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A Talk with Scott the Digital Marketer

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From Sales Rep To CEO – The Scott Keever Success Story

Most of us are probably familiar with the cellphone service provider Verizon Wireless. But Scott Keever is probably more familiar with it than the rest of us. He launched his career in the business world as a humble sales rep for Verizon. Over the next 15 years, he climbed the ladder and earned a strong reputation for himself. He would eventually become the general manager at one of their most high-volume stores in the country.
founder of Scott Keever SEO

But Scott Keever didn’t end his career with Verizon. He knew that there was still plenty left to do and that he could achieve significantly more on his own. It was roughly ten years ago that he began to notice the significance of the internet marketing boom as well as the inefficiency that many of the agencies exhibited. Those agencies had vague ideas about what needed to be done, but they weren’t reaching their full potential.

That was when Scott found his new calling. He knew that he could combine his 15 years of experience in client management with his marketing skills to pursue a new career path. At the same time, his work would be helping new companies across the country. His goal was to execute internet marketing strategies with more efficiency and a higher success rate than any of the competing agencies.

Scott Keever SEO founder

The Launch Of Scott Keever SEO

By 2011, Scott had officially left Verizon Wireless and launched his own document filing agency. It didn’t take long for his new company to become incredibly successful. He experienced average incomes of more than $1,000 a day. This was fueled by his expertise and understanding of PPC advertising and SEO.

Scott noticed that his business would experience income inconsistencies in line with changes in search rankings. It became very clear that search engine optimization was crucial for the success of any new online business. He decided to share his knowledge and skills with others by establishing his own marketing agency called Scott Keever SEO. This company would help businesses with SEO campaigns, web design, social media, reputation management, and local optimization.

In addition to his role at his own marketing agency, Scott Keever is involved with several other projects. For example, he is a member of the Tampa Area Chamber of Commerce. He has become an important part of the local business scene and he works very closely with other local business owners.

He is also a Google certified partner. This is an exclusive certification that is presented to marketing experts who shown a mastery of SEO and SEM techniques. Scott has managed to pass the rigorous testing required to receive this certification and he uses all that he has learned to help new business owners become as successful and knowledgeable as he is.

But perhaps his most interesting title is the “Best looking guy in Miami”. If you were to navigate to Google and search that phrase the first thing that pops up is going to be Scott Keever. The point here is that he is skilled enough to have himself ranked for a complicated and competitive phrase. If he can dominate the rankings for that phrase, then he can surely help any business in any city rank highly.

Scott Keever Miami

A Personal Side Of Scott

Scott is a human just like the rest of us. He needs friends and supporters to live a happy life and he makes mistakes along the way. In one interview, Scott shared details about one of the earliest mistakes he made at the start of his career as well as the lesson that he learned from his mistakes.

Scott states that he launched his new career with the idea of “making money” as the driving factor. However, as most successful entrepreneurs eventually learn, it’s helping people that is the most important. Once you adopt this mindset it will be much easier to grow and expand as a business. Ironically, making helping others a priority is what leads to making the most money. It may sound cliché, but it’s an important lesson that we all must learn sooner or later.

Once you have adopted this mindset you can use your success to help others. This is exactly what Scott has done time and time again with his SEO agency. And he isn’t shy about helping others even when they aren’t paying clients. He is more than willing to share helpful advice and point newcomers in the right direction if only they ask.

Of course, Scott has had others to learn from and to help him along the way. He owes a great deal of his success to his close friend and business partner, Matt Brandenburg. Matt has been closely involved with the marketing business since a young age. He taught Scott quite a lot and helped introduce him to the fast-paced world of online marketing.

Scott Keever on laptop

Pointers From Scott

It’s obvious that Scoot Keever has learned so much on his journey from a Verizon Wireless sales rep to the owner of one of the most successful SEO agencies in the country. And since he’s so forthcoming with his knowledge he has shared a few pointers that all aspiring business owners could benefit from.

1. Learn To Wear Multiple Hats.

It doesn’t matter if your title is SEO marketer or general manager. Chances are, you’ll get the best results if you tackle multiple jobs. For example, Scott often found himself handling recruiting, making sales, and accounting work. Flexibility is an important part of being successful.

2. Keep Your Good Employees.

There are more employees than there are jobs, but there are fewer good employees than you might imagine. So when you do find a good employee do your best to keep them around. Having a loyal and dedicated worker on the clock will make running any business significantly easier.

best looking guy in miami

3. Don’t Forget Your Me Time.

Finally, you need to be able to escape the pressure and enjoy life with a little “me time”. Without it, you’ll quickly burn out and lose the ambition needed to reach your goals. Scott certainly didn’t get where he is at by slacking off, but that doesn’t mean every minute of every day is spent at work. He knew when to get away from the computer and smell the roses. That attitude helped him become one of the countries leading SEO experts.

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