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Can You Have Two Social Security Cards?

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A lot of people are confused by social security cards. This cards are an important identifying document, but that doesn’t mean people know everything there is to know about them. If you have some questions about these cards, you should find the answers below.

Is It Possible To Have Two Social Security Cards?

It is possible to have more than one social security card. If you lose your card, you are able to request an additional card. If you wind up finding your original card at a later date, you will have two different cards.

With that said, you should only use the newest card that you have. It’s best to destroy or dispose of the older copy of your card. Since your old card has been marked as lost, you shouldn’t try to use that card anymore.

Can You Have Two Social Security Numbers?

You are only allowed to have a single SSN. That number is supposed to identify you; it wouldn’t make sense to allow you more than one number. Still, there are ways to have more than one identification number you can use.

Even though you can only have one number that identifies you, you can request an additional number that identifies your business. This is called a tax ID number. This number works like a SSN in a number of ways. However, you should only use this number of business matters. You shouldn’t use it for any other reasons.

Can You Get A New Card When Your Name Has Changed?

You can ask for a new card if you lost your old one. You can also request a new card if you have gone through a legal name change. The new card that you receive will have your new name on it.

If you request a card with your new name, you might want to hold on to your old card. If you need to prove that you once used your old name, you can use the card to prove your identity.

What Is The Maximum Number Of Cards You Can Have?

It is possible to request a new card every time you think that you have lost your old card. Because of this, it is possible to accumulate a number of cards. That stated, there are limits on the number of replacement cards that you can obtain each year.

You aren’t allowed to have an unlimited number of SS cards. You are expected to take card of the card that is in your possession. If you keep on requesting new cards, you will eventually be told that you are no longer eligible for a replacement card.

Even though it’s possible to have two social security cards, you should only be using one of those cards. If you have multiple cards, you might want to consider destroying the older cards that you have. If you’re not sure what you should do with those old cards, you should contact the social security office and ask them for help. For more information¬†visit the site.

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