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Health Education and Awareness

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Health education and awareness are providing a learning experience to the public to help each individual in the community to improve their health and well-being, through adding their knowledge and influencing their attitudes.

The areas being focused on health education and awareness are social health, emotional health, physical health, environmental health, spiritual health and intellectual health.

Its primary focus is to promote, maintain and restore health. A health educator is an individual who is professionally prepared to serve the public by using educational strategies and methods to facilitate the development of procedures, policies, interventions, and systems. The health educator has seven roles and responsibilities to do:

Responsibility 1: Assess the needs for health education of the individual and community.

Responsibility 2: Plan the interventions, programs, and strategies to make the health education successful.

Responsibility 3: Implement the planned health education, programs, and strategies.

Responsibility 4: Conduct research and evaluation related to health education.

Responsibility 5: Administer health education strategies, programs, and interventions.

Responsibility 6: Duly serves the public as a health education resource person.

Role 7: Be an advocate and communicate for health and health education.

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