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Information Literacy: How to Raise Public Awareness

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Communication is a common mode for human’s to interact which we often underestimate its complexity. It is omnipresent, complicated and irreversible. Thus, it is our duty to make it quality-wise, we should anticipate the possible flow of information exchange through planning, implementation, and monitoring to avoid or minimize misconception.

Public awareness is the level of understanding of the public regarding the importance and implication of vital issues in the society. To raise public awareness it needs to create a specific messaging campaign about a particular issue that is most relevant to the life, health, and rights of the people.

There are three factors that might influence the complexity of communication, thus it should be identified and managed.

  1. Channel or medium used;
  2. Opinions and personal experiences of the speaker; and
  3. Environmental changes that might affect the message

To engage with people, it does not have to be grand. Approach with the right ideas, make them interested and aware of your cause.

Thorough research of the cause

Learn and know all the information of the issue, this is the first indicator to have a successful awareness campaign. Published researches, statistical trends, or case studies give you the credentials of being an expert on the issue.

Know and establish a target population

To know who will be your audience is a primary component to bring people together that have a common interest. Empower and connect them.

Set objectives for the awareness campaign

To measure whether the campaign is a success, establish objectives that can make the campaign socializing and interesting. Through your objectives you can identify factors and areas for improvements, there might be a need to refine and change the campaign objectives.

Host educational events

People are more enticed to attend an event wherein they can learn. Thus, it is best to offer your knowledge or skills. During the event, start a conversation regarding your cause and connect with them.

Create and distribute informational pamphlets

Printed or digital pamphlets can learn about your cause, summarize and organize informational points about the issue. A catchy content can spark the people’s curiosity and interest.

Boost awareness through social media channels

Social media platforms are the most accessible mode of information exchange, it cannot only be read but also shared. Create social media accounts for your cause, you can engage with people and related-communities there. Manage to create insightful and helpful tips that people can relate to and easily share.

Host fundraising events

There are still people who have the heart and money to donate to worthy causes. People can donate through online transactions or in-person. Fundraising events can help you create a community that can help you with your cause.

A single approach cannot make everyone be interested and aware of the issues in the community. You have to combine various approaches to reach as many people as possible.

Be enthusiastic in raising awareness of public health issues, help the public understand more, protect the public through knowledge and awareness.

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