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Rich’s Story

To serve the public gives wealth in our hearts, let us hear two stories from public health practitioners and advocates who are devoted to their advocacy in addressing the concerns of the public health.

John A. Rich, MD, MPH

He is an honorable professor at the Department of Health and Management Policy of Drexel University School of Public Health. He directs the organization, Center for Nonviolence and Social Justice, and the medical director of Boston Public Health Commission.

He is one of the inspiring leaders in the field of public health, the priorities of his work are those African-American men living in the urban and those who are underserved and ignored by the government.

His grave interests in health disparities, urban health and violence and trauma are the focus of his research.

Analytical voices have been heard from his recently published book entitled Wrong Place: Wrong Time Trauma and Violence in the Lives of Young Black Men. He gives public awareness to the people regarding on victims of intentional injuries and the boundaries of public health and education.

Richard Besser, MD

He is a renowned public health practitioner, a pediatrician, and a noble journalist. The field of pediatrics has his heart, and he is a concern on the development of the children, thus, preventive measures should be taken into account. He believes that it needs the expertise to know how to address the public health crisis. Advocates should work together to meet solutions that concern the circumstances and needs of the public.

Both of these gentlemen are deeply ingrained in their commitment to helping the public get the right information and awareness to improve their health and behavior.

Their dedication makes the world a better place, there is so much to make the world of, if only we are committed to doing things together.

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