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Sexual Abuse

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Sexual abuse has been a public health issue, it is a challenge to determine who the victims are because some are afraid to speak out. Thus, the government and public health professionals are taking a stand to break the gap between sexual abuse and sexual assaults especially to the children and elderly.

Sexual abuse is sex without consent, it is also known as ‘molestation’, wherein an undesired sexual behavior by a person is received by another person. This sexual activity is not wanted by the victim, thus the culprit used force, made threats, and took advantage of the victims. In sexual abuse, most perpetrators and victims know each other.

Those who commit sexual abuse on a child or younger than the age of consent are referred to as statutory rape or child sexual abuse.

Victims of sexual abuse…


We may ask, how can spouses be a victim of sexual abuse when they are married and right for sexual activities? Sexual abuse of spouses is considered to be domestic violence. It occurs when the violence involves forced sex and threats of unwanted sexual activity.


This occurs when the child is taken for the sexual gratification of an older adolescent or an adult, this is also known as child abuse. Child abuse is not limited to sexual activities, but the perpetrators expose the child to pornography and sexual activities.

This can pose psychological trauma to the child and affect the physical health of the child, which includes depression, shame and self-blame, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, sexual dysfunction, chronic pelvic pain, suicidal ideation, self-injury, and borderline personality disorder.

Those who have offended child sexual abuse are not directly branded as pedophiles, except if they have the primary or exclusive sexual interest of a prepubescent child.

People with developmental abilities

Research has proved that people with developmental abilities have a greater risk of being a victim of sexual abuse or sexual assault.

People with dementia

Most people with dementia are elderly people, they are considered to have a high risk of abuse. Due to their ailment, the abused are not considered truthful.


They are one of the people who are at high risk for sexual abuse or assault, due to reluctance and stigma.

Types of sexual abuse…

Contact abuse: It is a sexual activity that involves physical contact, including penetration.

Non-contact abuse: It does not involve physical contact, but it exposes and engages the victim to perform sexual activities through videos or the internet, which includes exploitation. Abusers will then blackmail the victim to send the video or images.

Those who have survived the sexual abuse or assault are referred to as survivors. Those victims that were harmed are brought to the emergency room, where they are given emergency contraceptive medications. Moreover, preventive medications are given for prophylaxis against sexually transmitted disease. Those who have survived that has abrasions are given with tetanus immunizations. Unfortunately, those who have post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, panic attacks and depression are given short-term treatments of benzodiazepine.

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